Exporting Charts to PNG files

Prospection platform allows you to export charts from reports as a static image that can be printed or embedded into presentations and documents. All charts are exported to a PNG image format.  

This feature is available in all Prospection reports and for all chart visualisation types (excluding charts saved in Summaries). 

How to export to PNG

  1. Select the indication or therapy area you want to explore, go to Reports and select the report of interest. 

  2. Configure the report to suit your purposes. 

  3. To download the chart as a static image click on Export to PNG.

  4. The Export to PNG panel will open in a new window

  5. Select the components of the chart you want to be included in the image, using the download settings. By default, the Report title, Chart legend and Filter settings (i.e. selected filter values) are included and can all be de-selected.


  6. Click download to download your PNG image file. You will find your downloaded PNG file in your 'Downloads' folder.
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