Prospection platform - FAQs


Why is Prospection moving to a new platform?

The new Prospection platform provides a more intuitive experience for our users, and the ability for our team to deliver new features and products faster. This means that we’ll be decommissioning the product that you’re familiar with - PharmDash - and transitioning you and your team to the Prospection platform. 

Will I experience any disruption to access?

There won't be any disruption to service, and your PharmDash access will continue to run for two months from starting on the Prospection platform. You’ll have access to both applications for this period so you can familiarise yourself with the new platform, and transition to using it full time (while still having PharmDash to check in with during the process). After the two months, we will remove access to PharmDash - but don’t worry, we’ll communicate with you regularly to let you know what’s happening and when. 

What are the benefits of the new platform for me?

The new platform will deliver more value to customers globally, providing a foundation that allows us to deliver enhancements and new features that take advantage of our continually evolving healthcare analytics tools. 

Will navigation in the new Prospection platform be different?

Navigating around the Prospection platform is a little different to PharmDash - and though it might take a moment to reorientate yourself, things will be familiar. When you first log in you'll have an opportunity to take a short tour which will highlight where everything is. And of course, if you have any problems finding what you need, we're here to help

Will any of my reports be disappearing?

We have retired a few reports that we could see were seldom/never used. Other reports have been combined, to produce a more intuitive experience. This may not impact you, but if it does your consultant will do a full review of your account before your team transitions, and will highlight any of these report changes throughout your training session.  

Can I choose not to transition to the new Prospection platform?

We are decommissioning PharmDash and over the next few months, all customers will experience Prospection data and insights through the new platform. We appreciate that change can be frustrating, so we’ll be with you every step of the way to make it as simple as possible. And as we said, there’ll be no interruption to service, especially with PharmDash remaining available for a period of time as you transition to the Prospection platform. 

Will any of the reports/insights be different? 

Yes, there may be some differences - we’ve updated our methodologies to more closely align with common industry best practices, and enhanced some of our algorithms with therapy-area specific improvements. Your Account Manager will walk you through these in detail. 

Will I have access to additional insights/reports? 

You’ll notice that many of your reports have enhanced features that weren’t available in PharmDash - your Account Manager will walk through these with you. We'll continue to expand the value Prospection offers, adding new features and functionality on a regular basis. Don't worry though, we’ll always let you know in advance about changes and improvements to the platform. 

Will the level of support that I’ve been receiving change? 

You will continue to receive exactly the same levels of support that you currently receive - and you can continue to contact us just a you have in the past. But you'll also find in-app help and support features with the Prospection platform - these will help you and new team members get more from the platform quicker, and also give you easy access to contacting us for additional support when you need it.

How do I find my executive summary?

The Summaries view is accessed at the top right of screen. A list of available summary categories can be found in the left-side navigation area.  


Will my subscription fee change? 

There’s no additional fee when transitioning to the new platform.

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